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Natural resolution

LIPINOVA® is the only available ingredient on the market concentrated in SPMs with characterized bioactivity. It is specifically designed to have pro-resolving activity, supporting the body’s natural capacity to resolve inflammation.

Providing an optimal fraction of standardized levels of SPMs, including 18-HEPE, 17-HDHA and 14-HDHA, LIPINOVA® performs as a catalyzer by activating the metabolic route of SPM biosynthesis and restoring depleted SPM levels.

Through this mechanism, the ingredient facilitates inflammation resolution in several inflammatory health conditions – helping to reduce inflammatory pain and infection, enhance tissue regeneration and support wound healing, without suppressing normal immune response.

LIPINOVA® is a unique and natural SPM-based solution supporting the development of next generation immune-nutrition products.

The LIPINOVA® difference

LIPINOVA® SPMs are the result of extensive research and development in conjunction with leading specialists and universities. The foundation for LIPINOVA® is the unique combination of world-class fractionation and purification techniques applied to omega-3 rich oil. Learn more about our special scientific capabilities, including our advanced HDAS technology – the only tool in the market that accurately measures SPMs in biological samples.

Natural origin
Sustainably sourced
Clinically proven
No side effects
Clinical data

LIPINOVA®’s safety and efficacy is proven in several published studies. Explore the latest research demonstrating the solution’s effects after supplementation, including its role in modulating the immune system towards resolution and improving inflammatory status with no side effects.

Reduce inflammatory biomarkers in chronic inflammatory conditions
Reprogram host immune response
Support tissue regeneration
Promote wound healing
Reduce pain
No side effects
Supplementation studies conducted with LIPINOVA®

Title: Enriched marine oil supplements increase peripheral blood specialized pro-resolving mediators concentrations and reprogram host immune responses: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study
Conclusion: Supplementation with an enriched marine oil leads to an increase in peripheral blood SPM concentrations and reprograms peripheral blood cells, indicating a role for SPM in mediating the immune-directed actions of this supplement.

Title: Treatment with a marine oil supplement alters lipid mediators and leukocyte phenotype in healthy patients and those with peripheral artery disease
Conclusion: Short-term enriched marine oil supplementation dramatically remodels downstream lipid mediator pathways and induces a less inflammatory and more pro-resolution phenotype in circulating leukocytes and monocyte-derived macrophages.

Title: Early evidence of efficacy for orally administered SPM-enriched marine lipid fraction on quality of life and pain in a sample of adults with chronic pain
Conclusion: Oral supplementation with a fractionated marine lipid concentration standardized to 17-HDHA and 18-HEPE may improve quality of life, reduce pain intensity and interference, and improve mood within four weeks in adults with chronic pain.

Title: Nutrition 2021 – ASN Conference (Sponsored Satellite Symposium – Supplementation with Lipinova® SPMs)



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