Pioneering SPM Science & Technology
About Solutex

Solutex is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of highly concentrated, premium omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids, and expert in nutritional lipid science and technology.

Founded in 2004, Solutex has a global presence in more than 30 countries spanning four continents and is a pioneer in the immune-nutrition market, developing and commercializing the first IP-protected SPM formulation – LIPINOVA®. The company was also the first industry leader equipped with supercritical CO2 technology, which isolates EPA and DHA from omega-3 oil sources, enabling the development of differentiated products tailored towards the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

Azur Global Nutrition

Azur Global Nutrition is a specialized immune-nutrition platform for inflammatory-based conditions. As a Solutex division, Azur brings unique, science-based products, longstanding market expertise, technical capabilities and unrivalled support. This makes it the partner of choice for bringing successful IP-protected bioactive lipid formulations and SPM solutions specifically to the nutrition, medical nutrition and skin health industries.

Pioneers in SPM science & technology
Only company globally able to measure SPMs
Specialized in-house BSL-2 Fisiorex Resolution Laboratory
SPM-rich products guaranteed to be bioactive and effective
Pioneers in SPM science and technology

We are the only company in the world with the expertise, know-how and capabilities to accurately measure SPMs, and guarantee that our products are bioactive and effective.

Our superior and exclusive laboratories include a specialized in-house BSL-2 Fisiorex Resolution Laboratory which contains the equipment necessary to measure SPM levels of activity and observe inflammatory parameters in biological samples.

Plus, our HDAS platform (Analysis, Tracking & Segmentation Tool for Inflammatory-Based Diseases) is the only tool outside of academia to track the evolution and severity of inflammatory-based diseases based on SPM profiles.

These capabilities allow us to better understand and manage resolution of inflammation and inspired our new division, Azur Global Nutrition – an immune-nutrition platform for the creation of advanced SPM-based solutions targeted towards specific inflammatory diseases.